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About Us

Double Take Wedding Photography is run by Paul Fears and Jo Davies. They have over 20 years photographic experience between them and have been photographing weddings for the past six years.


About Us – Jo

The love of Art and Photography has been with me since I was a young child, but I usually lived life behind the lens so there are very few photographs of teenage and early twenties me.

After studying Art and Design, and Photography during my school years I became an enthusiastic hobbyist, keen to turn this growing love into my life.

Six years ago I jumped at the chance to refine my skills even more by working with a wedding photography company. Within three months I was shooting weddings solo and editing images of newlyweds’ special days and transforming them into those lasting moments to be cherished and I haven’t looked back since.

I love all aspects of photography, from the technical to the creative, but capturing people – a freeze-frame of not only their special moment but their essence – is what drives me and my photography ever forward.

Five things people may not know about me

Ever the country girl, all I need to de-stress is a quiet corner of the country, a good book and my VW campervan – soaking up serenity my way.

I am learning to snowboard, very badly at the moment.

A lengthy recovery after numerous operations made me realise I will never do another parachute jump in my life.

Falkland Island penguins make some of the best friends. I sat amongst a whole colony of them during my visit.

Though I work in a constantly changing studio, the one feature that has stayed the same are my shelves of vintage cameras, a shrine to the development of photography throughout the years.


About Us – Paul

Photography caught my imagination in my teens and I was bought my first SLR camera for my 18th birthday. Throughout my time at college I was the one taking the photographs. After graduating, I was asked to set up a marketing department in a large engineering firm in South Wales where I was responsible for PR. There I had the opportunity to learn and develop my photography skills on work sites taking photographs of the equipment and that is something I still do today. My photography work can be varied, but my passion is working and photographing people. Weddings are extra special as there is so much love and joy and it is a thrill when you capture the magic of the day. To get the best images, I look to work with the wedding party to produce those images that will bring back the feelings and memories of their magical day and I think this is where Jo & I stand apart from other wedding photographers. 
Five things people may not know about me:

I work with a number of charities and support them with any photography requirements.

I am a passionate rugby supporter as well as a qualified referee and junior coach.

A photograph I took of British Lions supporters in Sydney, Australia after the final test match, won an Urban Photographer of the Year award.

With work I have traveled to 5 of the 7 continents of the world.

I have completed the Welsh 3-Peaks on two separate occasions.


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